Over 90% of our videos are concepts and treatments visualized by Flash Forward. Simply send your idea to get started with a creative concept and story-boarded treatment.




The editor controls how the story is told or how the audience perceive different scenes. This is why it should be left to someone with innovative ways of piecing that story together. Flash Forward has strong skillsets in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut.


Our amazing design team will help you with video effects, motion design, logo design, album artwork, Branding & Promotional Designs. All 100% custom to your brand! 



The tone and style of an image can sometimes make or break a scene. This is why we aim to understand what the director and DOP is aiming to achieve with each scene before a tone is set. Our colour services range from music videos and film to documentary and promo videos.


Direction is key when it comes to executing extraordinary and unique videos. Creative direction, clear instructions and attention to detail is what we strive to accomplish on every set.



Cinematography on any project is the first thing the audience connects with. That is why a DOP with knowledge in composition, lighting and camera settings is essential.