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Flash Forward is a full production house that specializes in creating innovative film, Event, and commercial content. We are dedicated to turning unique visions into vivid visuals, from pre-production to delivery. We explore new opportunities and concepts that create lasting content for years to come. We work with some of the most advanced camera technology allowing us to focus on being creative, not the camera's limitations. Through progressive cinematography with feature film-like story telling, we are capable of producing just about anything you can imagine.



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We are dedicated to communicate your vision through our storytelling and visuals.

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Lets start planning!



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Pre- Production

Flash Forward will help you from the very start of the project. Our planning includes story boards, visual concepts, casting of talent and visual aids. We will help craft your message to reach your target audience. Through meticulous and strategic planning we neutralize any problems before they occur. 

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Our talented team of professionals work together in fluidity to ensure each project goes to plan and the client's vision is met. We are equipped with a variety of directors, producers, cinematographers, writers, production designers, aerial cinematographers, and much more.



After the shooting of the project is finished, we will work with you to turn the raw footage into exactly what you had envisioned. Our professional services include editing, visual effects, sound design, audio production, motion graphics, and final colour.